We Can’t Afford to Lose Any More Time

As states grapple with the challenges of safely reopening our economy, district superintendents across the country are wrestling with what may be the hardest decision of their careers: How to safely open school in the fall. To do that well, they are going to need good data.

What Aren’t We Getting Right About Literacy Instruction?

Are our schools starving students of important historical, cultural, literary, and technical knowledge by focusing reading instruction exclusively on developing reading skills without teaching content knowledge?

‘What is Tested is What Gets Taught’

Recent disappointing results on NAEP and PISA have prompted many policy makers and pundits to question the billions of dollars invested in large-scale, standards-based reform initiatives.

Statewide Assessments Don’t Just Help Students

Each fall, as we approach the end of the season for statewide score reporting, I find it helpful to reflect on trends in how students performed across the country and lessons learned from another year of testing.

Specialization is the Answer to Complex Assessment Systems

Last spring, New Meridian hosted a dozen chief state school officers at our annual convening on assessment literacy, which focused on assessment as a lever for equity and change. Interestingly, the topic that prompted the most interest this year was risk and how to manage the many complex components of a state testing program.

Assessment at the Instructional Core

More than 330 tasks were scored over five days by 78 teachers from five states and education systems, all of whom were gathered in Austin, Texas, to review New Meridian test content to be used in their state summative test designs.

Investing in Innovation: Where’s the Federal Support?

Educators and policy leaders might be forgiven for not often turning to the Federal Register for inspiration. But buried there in the ESSA regulations is a truly inspired effort to resolve one of the most vexing tensions shaping our national discussion on the role of assessment.

The Real Value of State Assessments

As they transition beyond NCLB-era compliance toward ESSA-era flexibility, chiefs are seizing the moment to evaluate whether we are getting the proper return on investment from our assessments and accountability systems.

Career Readiness Steps into the Spotlight

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Woodville Tomkins Technical and Career High School in Savannah, Georgia. Student ambassadors proudly showed off their “pathway” classrooms.

The Assessment Landscape in 2019

The 2018 elections produced a significant shift in the governing makeup of the states, and the changes are likely to have important consequences in state education policies across the country.