New Meridian Launches Start Strong Assessment

New Meridian’s Start Strong Assessment, a beginning-of-year screening test that can be administered in a single period and delivers quick feedback, will be available in August.

We Can’t Afford to Lose Any More Time

As states grapple with the challenges of safely reopening our economy, district superintendents across the country are wrestling with what may be the hardest decision of their careers: How to safely open school in the fall. To do that well, they are going to need good data.

Q&A: Amy Reilly, Director of Product Management

Amy Reilly is the Director of Product Management at New Meridian. We caught up with her in late June to talk about test design, test management and the creation of the new Start Strong Assessment.

The Prime Issue 13

As we approach this Juneteenth, the staff at New Meridian stands with those who call for true equality in America, and we will work hard to bring about change in our industry. George Floyd’s death cannot be in vain.

The Prime Issue 12

Teachers and parents are extraordinarily apprehensive about where students stand academically. Early studies show that the impact of lost learning time, compounded with summer learning loss, could be substantial.

The Prime Issue 11

Prompted perhaps by the recent release of disappointing NAEP reading scores, many state education leaders are asking, what aren’t we getting right about literacy instruction?

What Aren’t We Getting Right About Literacy Instruction?

Are our schools starving students of important historical, cultural, literary, and technical knowledge by focusing reading instruction exclusively on developing reading skills without teaching content knowledge?

In D.C. School, ‘Assessment Becomes a Tool’

Anecca Robinson is no stranger to interim assessment. In fact, she creates her own. A few years ago, she and her team began developing interim assessments to prepare for the end-of-year summative tests.

Should NAEP Be More Aligned to State Standards?

How well does the National Assessment of Educational Progress align to state education standards and assessments, and should that alignment improve? Tell us what you think.