Critical thinking, reasoning, research and communication skills

Why do these skills matter so much?

With strong critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication skills, students are able to:

  • Ask good questions
  • Access and analyze information
  • Consider alternatives and form conclusions
  • Make complex decisions
  • Think across boundaries
  • Adapt to new conditions
  • Invent new possibilities

This means that students are better prepared to master challenging academic content and apply that knowledge to new problems. They’re ready to be more conscientious and efficient in their learning. And they know how to communicate and collaborate effectively — whether they’re in an academic setting, professional environment, or taking an active role in their communities.

New Meridian is responding to demands from states and educators to have more control over their state test designs while taking advantage of high-quality content and more flexible design options.

As many states evolve from a consortium model for test development, New Meridian is working to meet their unique needs and pioneering a new approach that is innovative and flexible. The new approach not only allows greater flexibility for each state to develop its own test design (or build upon an existing design, like the PARCC test), it enables states to realize economies of scale by incorporating existing, operationally ready, high-quality content into their custom test designs. States realize the benefits of custom test design without the costs of funding their own custom content development. The result: States get lower costs, faster development, and the highest quality – the ultimate trifecta.

Pioneering a new approach to test design and development