Expert: Matt Lisk, Senior Vice President for Sales

Question: What are the most important trends in assessment we will see in 2020?

Answer: In my role, I spend a great deal of time discussing assessment with state officials and vendors of all kinds. One area where I think we’ll continue to see momentum is formative and interim assessment. There is a great deal of discussion about using assessment for learning, rather than conducting assessments of learning. Summative assessments will always be valuable. But I have seen a definite shift in K-12 institutions and vendors toward increased interest in classroom-based tests that give teachers quick, actionable feedback. I also think we’ll see growth in performance-based assessments, which go beyond measuring a student’s knowledge of content to measure their ability to apply that knowledge in real-world situations. New Meridian supports these trends with our bank of test items that are aligned to state standards and measure knowledge in many different ways. I think we’ll hear a lot about these trends in 2020. The flexibility provided by ESSA will continue to encourage states to find innovative ways to understand student performance more holistically.

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