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New Meridian provides test content that goes beyond simple comprehension and focuses on high-quality test questions that allow students to demonstrate real world skills.

Quality assessments measure skills that matter the most

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New Meridian offers the very best content in the industry, validated by experts and tested in the field. Our content has been used to assess millions of students nationwide

Ensuring that our children are well prepared for college and careers requires a thoughtful assessment design that focuses on critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication. New Meridian test items present authentic and engaging tasks designed to evaluate mastery of these vital skills.

In English, test items focus on the analysis of challenging, grade-appropriate texts, and clear persuasive writing. In math, they focus on the application of skills and concepts, as well as abstract reasoning, all through a real-world prism. All New Meridian test items accommodate diverse learners, such as students with disabilities or those learning English.

New Meridian assessment items have been successfully administered more than 6.5 million times across multiple states. Peer reviewers found that New Meridian’s reading/language arts and mathematics assessments — for both grades 3-8 and for high school — meet the highest standard under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Additional third-party reviewers

  • The Center for American Progress
  • The Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Human Resources Research Organization
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Mathematica Policy Research
  • National Network of State Teachers of the Year

Study after study concludes our test content is superior

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Expert content development

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New Meridian uses an industry-leading process to create test content, drawing upon master teachers and accessibility experts, as well as representatives from state education departments, colleges and universities.

Our content development is grounded in the principles of Evidence Centered Design (ECD) and fully compliant with The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-Quality Assessments.

Every New Meridian test item goes through a detailed evaluation and revision process, including multiple rounds of validation; a bias and sensitivity review; and rigorous field testing.