Gina Rivera oversees New Meridian’s general operations, including contracts, finance, accounting, data security and compliance with federal, state and local regulations. It’s an interesting role for a poetry major.

Gina studied English at the University of Iowa and earned a Masters of Fine Arts from Texas State, with an emphasis in poetry. But an entry-level position in a company that was acquired by Xerox set her on a different path, and she spent a decade working for the American printing giant. 

“Now, instead of poetry, I live in spreadsheets and contracts,” she said.  

Gina eventually moved to Compass Learning, an educational software firm where she spent a decade balancing the constant need for innovation with the resolute need for internal controls. In her tenure, she directed the design and implementation of complex content-licensing systems for educational assessment and curriculum publishers.

It was there that she met New Meridian CEO Arthur VanderVeen, and the two worked on several large projects together. When Arthur formed New Meridian, he enticed Gina to join. 

Gina has two children in college and enjoys reading authors as varied as Malcolm Gladwell and Flannery O’Connor. And yes, she still reads poetry.