Matt Lisk is in charge of sales at New Meridian, a role that he describes as relationship driven. “I try to get to know people at the personal level and transcend the vendor relationship into a partnership,” he said.

He’s good at it. Matt met his wife while the two commuted at the same time each day from New Jersey to Manhattan. He became known in her crowd as “train friend.” The two have been married almost 20 years.

Matt sees his role as the natural evolution of a career that included two decades of executive experience in product, programs, customer support—even change management. “I’ve had experience across the entire value chain and I think it strengthens my perspective on things,” he said. “I understand all aspects of the business.”

Matt graduated with a B.S. in management information systems from Penn State, and began his career as a consultant at Accenture, where he worked with several Fortune 100 companies in the telecommunications industry. He then moved to the College Board, where he spent 15 years in several management roles.

Matt was responsible for state-level sales and implementation for the SAT suite of assessments. In his time with the College Board, he worked to improve the user experience and expand access for underserved minority and low-income students through programs like the market-changing SAT School Day. He helped develop new tools and services, and engaged constituents in ongoing dialogue that resulted in the redesigned SAT.

Matt also led several statewide implementations of College Board assessments, including Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, New Mexico, Idaho and Delaware.

In the end, he says, it all comes down to helping people. As Matt put it, “The best thing about sales is building relationships and solving problems.”