At New Meridian, our mission is to advance the quality of education for every student. We are passionate about equity. We are uncompromising on quality. Our staff dedicates each day to designing assessments that focus on the skills that matter most: critical thinking, deep understanding and the ability to communicate ideas effectively.

To do that, we innovate. No school system can expect different results using the same decades-old systems. We provide new, high-quality assessment options that give states the capability to modernize without compromise. Licensed test content. A Science Exchange. A curriculum aligned assessment system that is pioneering the next generation of testing. We bring new ideas and a new way of thinking about assessment—values embedded in our very name.

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Our approach is to put students first and give educators and state leaders alike the tools they need to make change to expand equity in education. We call it the New Meridian Way.

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We Redefine Partnership

States that work with New Meridian often have a new experience. We partner with states to meet their needs in a way our larger competitors can’t. As a small, mission-driven nonprofit, we integrate seamlessly with your team to identify needs, tackle challenges, and find the right solution. We work tirelessly to solve problems, taking you from design to administration in months, not years.

We have the record to prove it.

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In Maine, education leaders wanted to create a science assessment aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and roll it out statewide—fast. Working with New Meridian, the state was able to create an NGSS-aligned test and begin administration in just XX months. More than XX students across the state have already benefited from high-quality science assessment.

New Meridian and the state deepened the value of partnership by creating a series of interactive learning modules focused on assessment literacy and highlighting how Maine measures student achievement of the Next Generation Science Standards. Now, teachers statewide are learning about the different types of assessment, why we assess students, what decisions can be made with assessment data, and how these elements work in tandem with Maine’s NGSS-aligned science assessment. Because serving our state partners also means serving their educators.

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In New Jersey, leaders were concerned about learning loss during the pandemic. Due to learning disruption, the traditional system would no longer provide meaningful year-over-year data, nor would it give teachers the information they needed to restart in-person learning. They turned to New Meridian to create a solution.

New Meridian created the Start Strong Assessment, a single-period diagnostic test created for the post-pandemic environment, that was piloted in New Jersey. The test helped New Jersey gain flexibility from the U.S. Department of Education on its summative testing mandates. Officials liked it so much, they took Start Strong statewide. More than XX got a jump on learning when New Jersey schools reopened.


We recognize that every state is unique. And so, we listen. When you choose us as your state assessment partner, you can be certain you’re implementing the highest-quality assessment solution that meets your precise needs. Our team of technical and content experts thrive on solving complex problems and are ready to support you throughout the process, adapting as your needs change.

At New Meridian, you are never just another support ticket. You are truly a partner.

We Raise Quality to
Increase Equity

Putting equity first means focusing on high-quality assessment. Every New Meridian test item goes through a detailed evaluation and revision process with rounds of validation, bias and sensitivity review and rigorous field testing. Educators are involved in every step, as we draw upon expertise from master teachers, accessibility experts and representatives from state education departments and universities.

Independent evaluations—including two conducted by the U.S. Department of Education—show our tests provide industry-leading alignment to state standards. Peer reviews found that New Meridian’s assessments meet the highest standard under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act.

We produce assessments that give students from every culture and background an equal opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned—and then we go further.

Increasing equity means more than just bias and sensitivity reviews. It means inspiring and motivating students in their learning journey. Traditional, low-quality tests focus on rote memorization, the so-called “drill and kill.” The result is boring tests that do little to foster an interest in learning or an improved classroom experience.

New Meridian assessments engage students in earnest, requiring them to think, reason and call upon learned material to solve real-world problems. When test items authentically match the student experience, students respond with real effort. The result is assessment that helps inspire learning and energize the classroom.

By creating assessments that engage students with real-world problems, we reinforce the connection between education and preparing for life beyond school. That authenticity resonates with students from every background and culture. And when we foster intentional connections like that, we increase equity.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Assessment Goals?