State Solutions

Custom test development processes are expensive, require enormous vendor scale, and take as long as two years to deliver a new test, which limits a state’s ability to innovate and respond to educator needs. New Meridian’s hybrid strategy attacks that problem directly.

Reduce the cost of your assessment program by 10%-50% and cut development time in half

States must balance innovation and cost, while always ensuring the highest quality. New Meridian’s hybrid development approach helps states unlock the perfect combination of new and existing content to optimize quality, cost, and timeline.

Many states have used the cost savings from New Meridian’s hybrid content model to offset custom development costs or fund other important educational programs.

Unlimited content combinations

A robust network of operationally ready items

New Meridian’s bank of 14,000 test items makes it easy to move quickly

Now it’s easier than ever before to create shorter, more accurate assessment as well as meet critical goals such as enhancing quality, modernizing design, and speeding up reporting. Our performance tasks are teacher reviewed​, validated and ready to deploy.

Our rich item bank is:

  • Supported by a national network of educators 
  • Guided by state educational agency assessment professionals
  • Managed by a nonprofit staffed with industry leaders and innovators

Each state has a unique student population and educational goals. That’s why New Meridian offers a wide range of flexible services, including:

  • Custom blueprinting and test design
  • Psychometric and technical evaluation
  • Scaling and equating
  • Content provisioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management

Your partner in design and development

Seamless integration with industry testing platforms

An expert team dedicated to ensuring a smooth exchange

New Meridian’s processes integrate easily with almost any system, enhancing quality and expediting timelines without adding complexity.

We have worked with the top test administration and scoring vendors to ensure your specific process is handled with care and precision.