Empowering educators to better prepare students for success.

New Meridian provides states and education entities with industry-leading assessment design and development services.

Critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication skills are crucial to student success in school and in life.

We collaborate with educators to produce highly flexible assessments that accurately measure the skills that matter most. Our goal is to help educators give every student the tools they’ll need to thrive in our increasingly complex and ever-changing world.

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Not all tests are created equal.

More than any other available assessment company, New Meridian provides states and educators with expertly designed content that’s uniquely focused on the skills that matter most for students’ future success – critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication skills. Our content is proven for reliability, validity, and efficacy at scale.

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Test design that is innovative and flexible.

New Meridian is making a reality the vision that states and education entities can jointly or independently develop and share content to reduce costs and increase quality, while allowing them the flexibility to work with the test administration vendor of their choice.

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New Meridian is committed to collaboration.

We’re proud to work with a wide range of expert organizations to help states develop high-quality assessment programs quickly and cost-effectively. New Meridian collaborates with the National Center for the Improvement of Assessment and the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), as well as the test administration companies that support our partner states.

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New Meridian is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization based in Austin, TX