Equity in Assessment Begins with Measuring the Skills that Matter Most

At New Meridian, we envision a world of curious and engaged thinkers who are ready to solve the problems of tomorrow. That is why we are so passionate about developing high-quality assessments that focus on the skills that matter: critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. By focusing on these skills, all students, regardless of background, will be prepared to succeed in the future.

At New Meridian, we believe in educating all students to be effective thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators so they can have a bright future. Our assessment content is designed to improve student learning and advance educational equity, eliminating bias, unfairness, and stereotypes. We work with diverse authors to develop high-quality content that delivers a dynamic learning experience for every student and provides them with equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

“By focusing on high quality and engaging assessment content that supports critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication, we provide all students – regardless of background and circumstance – with the sustainable skills needed to be a lifelong learner and contributor in an increasingly complex world.”

Terran Brown, Vice-President Assessment Design and Development

We Believe that High-Quality Assessment Should be Flexible and Affordable

Assessment content is expensive and takes years to create, which is why New Meridian has developed an innovative approach to test design and development that takes advantage of shared content. We provide states with a variety of options to combine existing high-quality items with custom-designed content to meet almost any need. Our approach offers maximum flexibility to deliver the highest quality items for the best price.

Preconfigured assessments provide states with operationally ready, technically validated assessments that can be configured to a state’s specific needs.

Hybrid development gives states the perfect balance of licensed and custom-developed test items to meet their specific needs. 

Custom designs enable states to have items custom developed and field tested in their locale. 

With any of these options, states can choose which subjects and grades to assess; the length of the test forms; the mode of administration (computer-based or paper-based); the task models, item types and formats; and the accessibility features and accommodations.  

New Meridian can work with a test administration vendor of your choice or provide full-service, turn-key delivery. Along with test content, New Meridian can provide services in custom blueprinting and test design, psychometric and technical evaluation, scaling and equating, content provisioning, quality assurance, and project management. End-to-end technical expertise ensures smooth delivery and valid and reliable student results.

Educators are Critical to Advancing the Quality of Assessment

The key to our innovative content creation and review is educators. New Meridian uses an industry-leading process to develop test content, drawing upon master teachers and accessibility experts, as well as representatives from state education departments, colleges and universities.

Our content development is grounded in the principles of Evidence-Centered Design (ECD) and fully compliant with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-Quality Assessments.

Every New Meridian test item goes through a detailed evaluation and revision process, including multiple rounds of validation, a bias and sensitivity review, and rigorous field testing. 

Peer reviewers found that New Meridian’s reading/language arts and mathematics assessments—for both grades 3-8 and for high school—meet the highest standard under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

We partner with industry experts and associations to review our assessment content:

  • Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
  • The Center for American Progress
  • The Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Human Resources Research Organization
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Mathematica Policy Research
  • National Network of State Teachers of the Year

A Partner From Start To Finish

At New Meridian, we are committed to helping our partners navigate the complex world of assessment. Our team is composed of technical and content experts who thrive on solving complex problems and creating the best end-to-end experience in the industry.

New Meridian allows states and districts the flexibility to use their technology partner of choice or choose our turn-key solutions. Either way, we work hard to help you achieve your short- and long-term assessment goals.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Assessment Goals?