New Science Standards Require New Science Assessments

Twenty-first century success means that students understand and can apply scientific principles and practices to navigate an increasingly technical world. This is the main reason most states have adopted new science standards. Cost, time, and lack of science expertise, however, have prevented many states from adopting a truly three-dimensional science assessment. The misalignment between science curriculum and science assessment means students are taught to one standard and assessed by another, undermining educators’ efforts to deepen instruction and focus on critical inquiry and application.

The New Meridian Science Exchange addresses this gap, providing a better way for states to rapidly develop high-quality science assessments aligned to three-dimensional science standards. The Science Exchange is built on a simple, secure content sharing model that enables states to innovate and elevate their current science assessment program with access to best-in-class content backed by an industry-leading review framework.

With many states assessing science just three times between 3rd grade and high school, it’s critical to make the most of each testing opportunity. That’s why the New Meridian Science Exchange is structured to build problem-solving skills and spark curiosity that will prepare students to succeed in today’s complex, knowledge-based economy.

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White Paper: The Current State of Next Generation Science Assessment
How are states faring 10 years after the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) launched? Explore the impact of NGSS, challenges and trends in science assessment alignment, and expert recommendations.

Science Exchange: A Sensible Approach to Science Assessment

“Good enough” is not good enough to ensure a scientifically literate workforce. To be meaningful, science assessments must closely align to multi-dimensional standards like those set out in the NGSS and other three-dimensional science standards. In addition, these assessments must provide educators with valuable data that measures student understanding and indicates the areas where students need the most support.

The New Meridian Science Exchange removes the high cost and operational barriers of three-dimensional assessment by providing states with trusted partnership, science expertise, and a sensible sharing solution that leverages shared content that has undergone rigorous quality assurance review. The result is a program that costs less while providing the highest quality assessments to measure student knowledge and skills.

The Heart Of The Science Exchange =
A Trusted Partnership

Our industry leading review process combined with top science assessment leaders and expert assessment management ensures that states will never need to navigate the complexities of three-dimensional science assessments alone

How It Works

The New Meridian Science Exchange is a flexible solution that measures the true depth of science learning. It enables states to securely license, contribute, and exchange science assessment items, increasing the supply of operationally ready test questions that are aligned to three-dimensional science standards.

How it works: the New Meridian Science Exchange

Contributing States

The New Meridian Science Exchange makes immediate sense. States can maximize their investment in science assessment by contributing their existing items to our secure item bank in return for royalties and a comprehensive report on the quality and alignment of their science items. Contributing states will:

  • Demonstrate leadership by helping to elevate science assessment nationwide.
  • Receive royalty payments or credits toward future science assessments based on item usage.
  • Fully-understand science assessment content with comprehensive item reporting to increase the quality of science assessment.
  • Support science educators in the state with training and professional development opportunities led by science experts.
  • Contribute with confidence to an item bank that’s safe and secure. Our item bank is consistently monitored for unauthorized use and exposure, ensuring a secure environment at all times.

Subscribing States

The New Meridian Science Exchange is a powerful solution for states that strive for the best science assessment but may not have the budget or experts to do so. States can license test items with confidence that they have been vetted for fairness, bias, sensitivity, multi-dimensional performance, cognitive complexity, and technical quality. Subscribing states will:

  • Advance equity in science education for all students in the state.
  • Gain access to the highest quality science content at tremendous value.
  • Accelerate testing timelines to realize immediate benefits of high-quality science assessment.
  • Ensure coherence in science education programs with ready-made content aligned to science standards.
  • Receive ongoing support from a trusted partner to meet specific blueprint needs.

Assessment Tasks and Question Types

New Meridian’s bank of assessment questions includes a wide variety of both standalone and cluster-based questions, or tasks, that provide broad coverage of the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards. The science tasks include three general types of questions: selected-response, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced.

Educator Cadre – Currently Accepting Applications

States gain access to leading experts in science education and support science educators in their state through our Science Educator Cadre. In this professional development opportunity, educators complete item writing and review training led by science professionals where they align testing programs with next-generation standards.

Start Creating High-Quality Science Assessment

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