The value of educators in assessment development and design cannot be overstated.

Calling all science educators! We are looking for freelance item writers to develop new item clusters aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and freelance item reviewers to join the New Meridian Science Educator Cadre. Cadre members may write NGSS aligned science assessment items, or use New Meridian’s item review framework, developed in partnership with leading researchers in the industry to review science assessment items.

The New Meridian Framework for Quality Review of NGSS Science Assessment Items provides states with a structure on how to evaluate science assessment content, placing emphasis on items that promote equity and inclusion. It explains the critical foundations for developing high-quality test content, how to perform item- and task-level analysis, and the best practices for implementing a review.

Training Provided

All participants will be trained on how to use the framework for reviewing items, or how to use templates to write clusters. Participants will be given multiple opportunities to ask questions.

Guided Practice

Educators will practice on writing/reviewing several items with a group of other writers/reviewers before being provided with a set of items to review individually.

Works with your Schedule

After training is completed, writers and reviewers will work asynchronously to complete their assignment in a given timeframe.

A Collaborative Approach

New Meridian staff will provide feedback and review findings through scheduled follow-up meetings with teams of writers/reviewers.

Your participation helps New Meridian ensure the right material is tested in ways that represent what’s most important – that assessment be a support to, and reflection of the deeper thinking and instruction happening in the classroom.

Additional Details:

  • Workshop. All item reviewer participants are expected to participate in one virtual workshop via video conference. For item writing, the workshop may consist of one week of on-site training, or multiple virtual sessions over the course of several weeks. Once qualified as an item writer or reviewer, you will be asked to participate in yearly re-calibration to extend your understanding of item development and implementation.
  • Writing Process. The writing process may take place in person over the course of a week, or it may occur via video conferences that are conducted over the course of several weeks. Following successful completion of the first wave of item development, there may be ongoing opportunities to participate in future item development.
  • Review Process. The review process includes the initial virtual training workshop, asynchronous work, and a virtual adjudication meeting via video conference. Following successful completion of the first wave of item review, there may be ongoing opportunities to participate in future item reviews.
  • Compensation. After completing the workshop, all meetings, and the assignment, you will be provided a stipend.

To sign-up to participate, or for more information, please click on the link to complete the Science Educator Cadre Questionnaire. New Meridian will contact you with next steps about your participation in the New Meridian Science Educator Cadre.