About New Meridian

New Meridian is an assessment design and development company committed to advancing equity in education by developing assessments that focus on the skills that matter: critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. Data from our assessments enable educators to be more responsive to students’ learning needs to ensure all students have the opportunity to master critical grade-level learning standards and graduate prepared for future success. 

The New Meridian Difference

We founded New Meridian to make very high-quality assessments affordable and available to more states and districts. Low-quality assessments steal valuable instructional time and narrow the curriculum to practicing rote skills; high-quality assessments support the work of professional educators who are committed to deepening student learning by focusing on critical thinking, understanding, and communication. All students should have access to learning opportunities that focus on these critical skills; high-quality assessments help ensure that happens.

Recognizing that not all states and districts can afford such high-quality assessments, New Meridian launched its secure content exchanges to enable states to participate in the development and sharing of high-quality assessment content much more cost effectively. Educators from across participating states contribute their expertise in the ongoing design and development of rich test questions. Meanwhile, states maintain their state-specific blueprint and standards.

“The team at New Meridian has a passion for empowering educators and students and an unwavering dedication to the mission. It’s truly inspiring to be part of an organization that leads the transformation of K-12 assessment in partnership with the community we serve.

Allison Maudlin, Vice President of Marketing

Defining the New Model for Assessment Services

New Meridian is shifting the future of assessments to advance the quality of public education. 
The new model for assessment services includes the following:

Flexible designs to meet changing needs

Education in this country is changing. New Meridian partners with states and districts to quickly design and develop quality assessments to meet those evolving needs by drawing on its large banks of premium, standards-aligned assessment content. With available high-quality content, we can design and develop new assessment systems in months, not years.

Coherent systems of instruction and assessment

A single end-of-year measure provides only a snapshot of student learning. By combining multiple measures throughout the year, educators develop a richer profile of students’ learning that can inform instruction and provide comparable data to identify where additional support and resources are needed.

Rich performance tasks that focus on the skills that matter

Our signature focus on critical thinking, reasoning, mathematical modeling, and communication helps direct classroom instruction toward deeper engagement with real-world challenges, meaningful texts, and collaborative learning.

The New Meridian Way

We have charted a new path, different from other assessment organizations, which we call the New Meridian Way.  Along this path lies our promise to our customers to consistently deliver quality and value through technical excellence, innovation, and collaboration. 

That promise means we are committed to partnering with our customers to design and develop assessments aligned to their needs, supporting them from start to finish, and responding as needs change. We welcome input and feedback and apply it to our products and services as we strive to continuously improve and always provide value to our customers.

Finally, by fulfilling our promise, we are transforming assessments to be a positive force for deepening student learning  to expand quality educational opportunities for all students.  We make this commitment to the individual students we serve and to our larger society, which grows stronger as its citizens are better equipped to face the complex challenges of the future.

Dedication to Security

New Meridian has received a SOC 2 attestation report which provides evidence of our strong commitment to high security standards and protecting the data of our customers.

Careers at New Meridian

At New Meridian, we believe our assessments are advancing the quality of public education and expanding opportunities for all students. None of this is possible without a dedicated group of people that share this passion and the desire to effect real change. We seek to recruit talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who show genuine enthusiasm for this work.

Interested in working with a dynamic team to transform the education assessment system?