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Beginning-of-Year Insights
to Help All Students Succeed

An Assessment for Today’s Reality​

Now more than ever, educators must be intentional about how they allocate time and direct student attention. Resources must be targeted with precision—which is no simple task without data from your state’s year-end summative assessment and other locally-administered tests.

New Meridian’s Start Strong Assessment is the solution for educators who want to make informed decisions about resource allocation and combat missed opportunities to learn when schools across the United States reopen later this year.

 Start Strong is a flexible and powerful tool designed specifically to address this unique time in our history, giving every teacher in your district the information they need to allocate time and resources equitably and efficiently.

Know Where Your Students Need the Most Support

Start Strong is available for grades 3 to 8 in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics, testing students on content delivered in the past year. It is specifically designed to provide the information that educator need to deliver “just in time” supports.


Strong Alignment. Start Strong’s design is based on the most critical content standards from the student’s previous year of learning, allowing educators to quickly identify the areas where more support is needed in the context of the grade-level standards. Test items are aligned to state standards and are rigorous and complex, so the full depth of educational standards are measured.


Quick Delivery. Start Strong is designed to be delivered in a class period. This  expedites access to quality assessment information to help educators plan their lessons and units.


Fast Feedback. Start Strong’s multiple-choice and technology-enhanced assessment items are machine scorable, offering teachers, schools and districts fast feedback on where students stand in the learning process.


Ultimate Flexibility. Start Strong offers seamless online delivery and it can be administered at school or at home, allowing educators to gather assessment data regardless of the circumstances in your district when school starts in the fall. Students can take the test from their homes using their own computers.


Strong Support. Expert consultation, training and a full suite of documentation are built in to the Start Strong assessment, allowing for quick, seamless implementation.

Meet Your Students Where They Are

New Meridian’s Start Strong Assessment provides immediate insight into where students stand in the learning process, allowing you to put supports in place quickly, equitably and successfully. Clear and actionable data can help allocate resources at every level.

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Districts use Start Strong data to:

  • Help you allocate supplemental funding and
  • Assign math and ELA coaches where they are
    needed most
  • Plan professional learning days and PLCs
  • Select appropriate supplemental instructional

        Teachers use Start Strong data to:

●       Focus your teaching and scaffolds on the needs of students

●       Supplement your instructional material selections

●       Provide the right level of support to your students

●       Inform parents on the needs of their children

Clear, Actionable Data

Start Strong’s rich data set offers educators information that is easy to understand and can be put to use immediately.


       Support Level Classifications, which indicate the level of a support a student will likely need as they begin the new school year

       Major Content Scores are available for all the major content standards in each grade level.

       Multiple Views of the data are available.


New Meridian’s Start Strong Assessment also comes with a full suite of supports to smooth implementation and reduce the time it takes to administer the test, interpret results and begin making decisions.

In addition to expert consultation and training, documentation is available, including administration manuals and a comprehensive report interpretation guide for teachers and district administrators.