New Meridian Wants Input from Grades 3-10 Math and ELA Educators and Administrators

New Meridian is pioneering the next generation of state assessment—and we need your help.

We are inviting teachers, administrators, and parents to participate in virtual user interviews and focus groups to better understand the impact of assessment and how it can be improved. User interviews and focus groups are typically 45-90 minutes. Compensation for participation ranges from $75 – $200 depending on the time commitment.

Your input is critical to making this effort successful. Lend your voice to help transform assessment to better serve all students.

teachers having a conversation

Share Your Feedback

This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of assessment.

Here is how you can participate:

  • Sign Up. Click “SIGN UP TODAY” to complete the questionnaire.
  • Participate in User Research. Selected participants will be invited to participate in focus groups, one-on-one user interviews, and/or surveys as needed. Your feedback will be used to influence the design of the next generation of state assessments.
  • Receive Compensation. All participants will be compensated for their time.  

Who Can Participate

  • 3rd through 10th grade teachers
  • School district staff and school building administrators, coaches, and leaders connected to 3rd through 10th grade assessments and data
  • Parents and guardians of school age children

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your feedback and shape the future of assessment.