New Meridian CEO Arthur VanderVeen on Assessments

Arthur VanderVeen

Ever since No Child Left Behind was signed into law in 2002, assessments have been a fixture of the education landscape—a very divisive one. But assessments have changed a lot over the last twenty years and are still changing to better meet the needs of students, teachers, schools, districts, and states. On this episode of The Report Card, Nat Malkus discusses the future of assessments and more with New Meridian CEO and founderArthur VanderVeen.

New Meridian Names Eileen Shihadeh as Chief Operating Officer

“Quality assessment has the power to transform a student’s future. When assessment is done well, educators can get the data and information they need to ensure each child in their classroom has the opportunity not only to succeed, but to thrive.” New COO brings over two decades of marketing, sales, product and strategic experience in […]

New Meridian Completes First Enhanced Reporting Assessment Workshop

Illinois educators gather to review and improve new assessment reporting tools   ELGIN, ILLINOIS MARCH 10, 2023 — Two dozen math and English teachers from districts in and around the city participated in a workshop to improve how state assessment scores are reported to educators, parents and other stakeholders. The workshop was part of New Meridian’s […]

Our Vision for the Future of Assessment

A still from our video "Our Vision for the Future of Assessment"

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink our systems of assessment so we can build a better tomorrow. Isn’t it time we connected assessment to the work being done by teachers in classrooms?

Creating a Fair Test at New Meridian

Still from the "Creating a Fair Test at New Meridian" video

We believe a quality education requires supporting the cultural identities of our students, and that means giving them an equal opportunity to succeed when taking tests. Our bias and sensitivity review process ensures that every test question goes through a rigorous vetting process so that no student is left taking a test on unequal footing.

CAE Expands Partnership with New Meridian Corporation

The Council for Aid to Education, Inc. (CAE), a nonprofit developer of performance-based and custom assessments that authentically measure students’ essential college and career skills, today announced its expanded partnership with New Meridian Corporation, a nonprofit assessment company committed to fostering deeper learning and advancing equity in education.

Interactive Booklet: The Basics of Assessment

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand the value of assessment and the role it plays in measuring student achievement. Assessment data is critical in understanding how our schools are serving students, and provides valuable insight into where students start and end their learning journey during a school year so we can best support […]