Interactive Learning Courses: Assessment Literacy Basics

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand the value of assessment and the role it plays in measuring student achievement. Assessment data is critical in understanding how our schools are serving students, and provides valuable insight into where students start and end their learning journey during a school year so we can best support […]

New Meridian Resource Center

New Meridian has a proven approach to test development. With involvement from educators across the country, New Meridian develops assessments that foster deep learning and require critical thinking. The New Meridian Resource Center provides access to high quality resources to support educators — especially educators in states where New Meridian items are being used on […]

Montana Superintendent Elsie Arntzen and New Meridian to Pilot Next-Generation Tests Aligned to Classroom Instruction

State partners with national nonprofit New Meridian to create new math and reading assessments AUSTIN, TEXAS AUGUST 23, 2022 — Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen and New Meridian, a nonprofit assessment development company, announced a partnership to develop and pilot a next-generation state testing system that will better align with classroom teaching in […]

New Meridian Announces New Chairman

Tom Higgins is named Chairman after three years of service AUSTIN, TEXAS AUGUST 9, 2022—New Meridian Corporation, a nonprofit assessment organization on a mission to increase equity and support quality education for all students, has named Tom Higgins as chairman. “Tom’s long history of leadership, coupled with his experience in K-12 assessment, makes him an […]

Welcome to the New Meridian Way

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New Meridian develops high-quality assessments that focus on the skills that matter: critical thinking, deep understanding, and effective communication. High quality assessments ensure all students have the opportunity to master critical grade-level learning standards and graduate prepared to become our future leaders and problem-solvers.

New Meridian Science Exchange: A Sensible Approach to Science Assessment

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Despite challenging conditions brought about by the pandemic, states continue their efforts to implement three-dimensional science standards—and it’s no simple task. Many states have spent years bringing standards into alignment, developing curricula, training teachers and creating assessments, and there’s still more work ahead. Now, that work must carry on in an environment where priorities, funding […]