Eileen Shihadeh is New Meridian’s Chief Operating Officer, spearheading the company’s growth strategy, improving operational efficiency, and driving the achievement of company goals.

Eileen served in leadership roles for much of her career, with more than two decades of experience in strategic planning and execution, product management, branding, sales, and marketing at major companies such as Texas Instruments and Compass Learning.

At Texas Instruments, she led two departments as director of market strategy and development. At Compass Learning, she served as vice president of marketing and product management, leading a 25-person team responsible for product strategy, pricing, market research, go-to-market strategy and a great deal more.

More recently, Eileen served as chief marketing officer at Lightspeed Systems and before that was Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Raptor Technologies, both SaaS companies serving the K-12 space.

Eileen joined New Meridian to act on a deep belief that teachers are the most important factor in student success.

“Empowering teachers is so important,” she said. “When assessment is done well, teachers get the data and information they need to ensure each child in their classroom has the opportunity not only to succeed, but to thrive.”