It is hard to overstate the value of educators in assessment development and design, and that’s especially true in science as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) get implemented nationwide.

That’s why New Meridian is looking for freelance item writers and reviewers who are familiar with NGSS to join the New Meridian Science Educator Cadre.

Cadre members will write and/or review science assessment items to support the New Meridian Science Exchange, which provides states with simple and cost-effective access to high-quality assessment items aligned to NGSS. While some items are contributed by states, others are developed by New Meridian in partnership with educators.

That’s where the New Meridian Science Educator Cadre comes in. We need experienced teachers who are familiar with the NGSS to write and/or review science items, with a sharp eye toward equity and inclusion.

For teachers who want to have an impact on science assessment, the benefits are many:

  • Professional Development. All participants will receive professional development credit and learn to use the New Meridian framework for writing and reviewing items. Writers will learn to develop high-quality NGSS tasks and reviewers will learn how to review tasks to determine quality and alignment to NGSS. 
  • Collaboration. Those offered membership in the New Meridian’s Science Educator Cadre will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with science educators from all over the country.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Writers and reviewers will work on their own time to meet a deadline.
  • Compensation. This is not volunteer work. New Meridian offers compensation for your participation.  

Your involvement helps us ensure the right material is tested in ways that promote critical thinking, deep understanding and the ability to communicate effectively. You will also be a part of a new way of assessing students by developing innovative science tasks aligned to the core intent of the NGSS. 

If you want help raise the bar on science assessment, you can learn more here or simply fill out the questionnaire to start the process. 

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