New Meridian is looking for qualified school educators to share their expertise on our innovative new through-year assessments.

For math and English teachers in grades 3 to 8, the program is a way to learn more about assessment, develop new skills, and make extra money by working remotely to help New Meridian review test items.

The MasteryGuide™ Assessment, available to states, and the ProgressGuide™ Assessment, available to school districts, are through-year tests in math and English that align to local curriculum. Short assessments are delivered throughout the year in single class periods, giving teachers immediate feedback to adjust classroom learning. 

We need your help to advance the program. This summer, New Meridian will hire dozens of teachers to help with assessment review, the process of reviewing field test items to determine which items should be used operationally on future test forms.

The Role of Assessment Reviewers

During the program, educators will:

Receive payment of $200 per 8 hours spent in meetings and discussions

Attend virtual training session(s)

Attend each day of review from a secure location (no public Wi-Fi), actively participating on camera to facilitate productive item discussions

Contribute comments to guide discussions, vote on each item, and support the group in generating consensus feedback

Participants are required to test email, system access, and access to review documents prior to each meeting.

The Qualifications Required

To participate in the program, educators must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the classroom or within an educational setting; be currently enrolled in graduate-level education programs; or have experience in higher education. Relevant grade-level experience is heavily considered.

The following qualifications may also be helpful:

  • An understanding of statistical analysis
  • Experience with curriculum or assessment design and/or review
  • Experience working with exceptional or special-needs students
  • Experience working with urban or rural populations
  • Experience working with marginalized or minority populations


If you want to learn more about through-year testing and help develop the next generation of assessment, simply click the link to file an application. It only takes a few minutes. We hope to see you this summer.