New Meridian: Montana is a Leader on Next-Generation Assessment

After piloting in 30 districts, state expands innovative MAST program  AUSTIN, TX — APRIL 21, 2023 — Leaders at New Meridian Corporation applauded a decision by the Montana Office of Public Instruction to expand the state’s successful through-course assessment pilot program.  “Montana is leading the nation in creating the next generation of assessment,” said Arthur […]

Q&A: Maria Cammack, Vice President of Assessment Design and Development

After almost a decade of experience in assessment, much of it with the State of Oklahoma where she served as Deputy Superintendent of Assessment & Accountability, Maria Cammack joined New Meridian as Vice President of Assessment Design and Development in 2022. We caught up with Maria to discuss the next generation of assessment. The interview […]

What Teachers Should Know About Assessment

As educators, we are constantly bombarded with news about the pandemic and the “learning loss” that occurred. Most articles attribute this decline to inconsistent attendance, the switch from in-person to virtual, and other classroom disruptions. Solutions seem to be in shorter supply. As districts and states start to navigate recovery, assessments are often seen as […]

Michael Horn: New Meridian Pilot Programs are ‘Incredibly Exciting’ New Meridian CEO Arthur VanderVeen sat down with Michael Horn, host of The Future of Education podcast, to discuss the next generation of assessment in U.S. schools. The conversation began with an observation.     “Assessments often become synonymous with an autopsy in our education system,” said Michael Horn, an author and education consultant. “It’s just […]

We Just Lost 40% of Pre-Pandemic Gains—Our Students Deserve an Urgent Response

By Arthur VanderVeen, Chief Executive Officer of New Meridian You could hear the collective gasp from American educators when the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently released post-pandemic testing results. While we have all experienced first-hand the disruption wrought by COVID-19, seeing students’ learning loss quantified in the form of declining scores was nothing […]