Talking Science Assessment at NSTA

New Meridian Science Director Chris Lazzaro will discuss how to manage science assessment in today’s challenging environment at the National Science Teaching Association’s conference in May

Science Leaders Speak

science education

New Meridian’s webinar, The Unique Challenges of Science Education in a Post-Pandemic World

The Very Best Case for Science Education

science education

Last month was a big one for those of us who watch science education closely. In a matter of days, scores from two international science benchmarks, the PISA and TIMSS exams, were released. The results were mixed with cause for both optimism and concern, but both tests remind us of one very important truth: science […]

The Unique Challenges of Science Education in a Post-Pandemic World

Science Education

Despite challenging conditions brought about by the pandemic, states continue their efforts to implement three-dimensional science standards—and it’s no simple task. Many states have spent years bringing standards into alignment, developing curricula, training teachers and creating assessments, and there’s still more work ahead. Now, that work must carry on in an environment where priorities, funding […]

Introducing the New Meridian Science Exchange

The New Meridian Science Exchange, which provides states with simple and cost-effective access to high-quality assessment items aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), is launching this month. The exchange allows states flexible options such as drawing from a bank of test items to create NGSS-aligned assessments or contributing items to the bank to produce licensing […]