Expert: Kristopher John, Vice President, Product Strategy

Question: How do you think assessment will change in the next 5 to 10 years?

Answer: There’s been a major shift in how assessments are delivered over the last decade. It’s really an extraordinary change. Ten years ago, you had to contend with the logistics of paper and pencil and all that entailed. The technological change has opened new possibilities—and that’s where I believe we will see the most change. You can already see it in the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority pilots currently underway. States can pursue models of assessment that would have been too cumbersome before these shifts occurred.

Many of the options we can now pursue weren’t possible even five years ago. It is hard to overestimate how much mobile and new network technologies will impact how assessments are delivered and, consequently, how they can be used more effectively. A 5G mobile network that is fast enough to facilitate driverless cars and artificial intelligence could have an enormous impact on how assessments work in the classroom.

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