White Paper: Now Is the Time to Reimagine Assessments

America’s educational system faces unprecedented challenges. Yet with every problem comes opportunity. In New Meridian’s latest whitepaper, Founder and CEO Arthur VanderVeen identifies five principles to boldly re-imagine assessment and create systems that increase equity, promote deeper learning and embrace more holistic education. Learn more about:

Designing for coherence across state, district, and classroom assessment models

Maintaining an overarching commitment to equity through comparability

Promoting and researching more holistic views of student learning

Allowing for greater student agency

Developing score interpretation models and data systems that reinforce coherence and usability

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cover of balanced assessment system white paper

The pandemic has upended business as usual and forced all of us to rethink fundamental assumptions about how we educate our students. This is a good time to remember that with every challenge comes opportunity. With federal funding flowing in abundance and states and districts ready to make major changes, we have the chance to boldly re-imagine our educational models—including assessment—to create systems that increase equity, promote deeper learning, and embrace a more holistic view of education.