Will Bunting leads all aspects of New Meridian’s program management services, including contract execution, schedules, communication, risk management and New Meridian’s Project Management Office (PMO).

He is well-suited to the task. Will is a diver, having visited the famous Santa Rosa Wall in Cozumel and many other sites worldwide. At 100 feet down, attention to detail is vital. That approach works on land, too. 

“Managing large-scale and complex testing programs requires in-depth understanding of how everything comes together,” he said. “Meeting and exceeding program goals through this careful attention to detail definitely gets me excited.”

Will earned a B.S. with a double major in finance and economics from Trinity University in Texas. He worked in the financial sector before joining Harcourt Assessment, which was later acquired by Pearson Education.

Will served in a variety of roles over a decade, including managing all aspects of online and paper-and-pencil testing programs and next-generation assessments; managing the development of innovative test items; and proposal development and analysis. He managed teams as small as five and as large as 25. He became a certified Project Management Professional.

At New Meridian, Will and his program management team members manage all phases of the project lifecycle, from kickoff to quality management and delivery, all in an environment focused on delivering for customers.  “I’m motivated by a drive to help our customers” he said.