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We envision a world of curious and engaged thinkers who are ready to solve the problems of tomorrow. To do that, we innovate. New Meridian leads the way in new high-quality assessment solutions that focus on the skills that matter, so you can modernize without compromise and create generations of life-ready students. Click on the links below to learn more about our assessment solutions.

New Meridian Science Exchange Overview
Proof of deep scientific understanding starts with three-dimensional science assessment.

Science Exchange Contributing States Overview
The New Meridian Science Exchange allows states a simple way to advance science assessment with a highly secure sharing model that offers royalty payments or credits toward future science content. View the benefits for contributing states.

Science Exchange Subscribing States Overview
The New Meridian Science Exchange is the quickest and most cost-effective way to obtain NGSS-aligned assessments. This is done through a full-service partnership that connects states to high-quality science assessment content, backed by science assessment experts and an industry leading framework. View the benefits for subscribing states.

Science Exchange Security Overview
States invest significant money, time and expertise to create assessment items that are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. Data security is essential. Since the New Meridian Science Exchange launched in 2017, we have secured our item bank with multiple layers of digital protection so that states can contribute and transact with confidence. Here is how we keep items safe.

MasteryGuide™ Assessment Spotlight
Stakeholders across the board are demanding greater utility from our systems of assessment. Unprecedented learning loss is emboldening states, educators and families to demand greater focus on learning acceleration with more relevant assessment and overall reduced testing time. This flyer spotlights the need for instructionally aligned assessment.

New Meridian Annual Guide
This digital booklet highlights our values and products. We hope it gets you thinking about the possibilities ahead, and that you will join us in the conversation around what assessment can look like in coming months and years. Together, we can create change that delivers on the promise of assessment.

The Value of High-Quality Assessment
Not all tests are created equally and the difference between a high-quality test and a low-quality test can be both dramatic and consequential.