New Meridian’s Technical Advisory Committee helps ensure New Meridian assessment solutions meet the highest professional standards in the industry.

Committee members, who together have decades of experience in psychometrics and academic testing at all levels, review test design and development methodology, advise on best practices, and provide information and feedback to make certain the company’s assessments meet the highest standards for quality, validity, and reliability.

“We understand that our assessments have real impacts on students, families, teachers, and schools,” said Arthur VanderVeen, chief executive officer at New Meridian. “That is why we are absolutely committed to the highest standards of excellence, to ensure we provide every student a fair, accessible, and meaningful opportunity to demonstrate their learning. Outside experts help us broaden our perspective as we address the many technical issues involved in producing high-quality assessments. Many of them also lead research centers at their universities, research we can draw upon as we design new assessments for the future.”

The members of the committee are Dr. Henry Braun, Dr. Robert L. Brennan, Dr. Derek Briggs, Dr. Linda Cook and Dr. Richard Luecht. Each has decades of experience in academic testing and assessment.

Here are some of the details:

Robert L. Brennan is the E. F. Lindquist Chair in Measurement and Testing (emeritus) and the Founding Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment at the University of Iowa’s College of Education. He is the author of many articles, several books and has received numerous awards. Brennan also served as president of the National Council on Measurement in education. Read more

Derek Briggs is a professor in the Research and Evaluation Methodology program at the University of Colorado—Boulder’s School of Education. He is also director of the school’s Center for Assessment Design Research and Evaluation. Briggs works with states and other entities to provide technical advice on the design and use of large-scale student assessments. He is president of the National Council on Measurement in Education for 2021-22. Read more

Linda Cook worked at the Educational Testing Service for 32 years, holding positions that included executive director of the SAT Testing Program and vice president of the Assessment Division. She has published many articles and book chapters, received numerous awards, and served as president of the National Council on Measurement in Education. Since retiring from the ETS, Cook has worked as an independent consultant. Read more

Richard Luecht is a Professor of Educational Research Methodology at the University of North Carolina—Greensboro, where he teaches graduate courses in applied statistics and advanced measurement. Luecht is also a technical consultant and advisor for many state testing agencies and large-scale testing organizations. Read more

The committee meets several times a year to advise New Meridian on its assessment design and development projects.

We rely on the committee to challenge and broaden our thinking. Our collective intelligence is so much greater when we have these experts informing our work, acting as thought partners to check our assumptions, anticipate issues, and think beyond the horizon. They are critical partners in our work.

Terran Brown, vice president of assessment design and development at New Meridian